Born Brilliant!

GloFish® fluorescent fish are born brilliant! They are not injected or dyed. They inherit their harmless, lifelong color from their parents, and require the same care as any other community fish. GloFish are great for any home, office, or classroom and perfect for hobbyists and beginners alike.

GloFish are available in six striking colors:

  • ico-fish-redStarfire Red®
  • ico-fish-blueCosmic Blue®
  • ico-fish-greenElectric Green®
  • ico-fish-purpleGalactic Purple®
  • ico-fish-orangeSunburst Orange®
  • ico-fish-pinkMoonrise Pink®

We invite you to snorkel around the site and get to know our GloFish!

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GloFish® make a stunning addition to any classroom. Click photo for free teaching materials!